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What to do in Propriano?

Reaching Corsica by the sea is an excellent idea if you have the time: a day crossing lasts on average 5 hours, and a night crossing 7 hours. It is highly recommended to book a cabin if you travel with children by night.

Corsica Ferries www.corsica-ferries.fr
Mobylines www.mobylines.fr
GLD Lines www.directferries.fr Corsica Linea www.corsicalinea.com
CCM www.aircorsica.com
Air France www.airfrance.fr
EasyJet www.easyjet.com
XL Airways www.xlairways.fr

Need help?

We offer a booking service to all our guests to ensure the best ticket prices. This service is free and available for any reservation within the residences Arcoplage, Arcobiato, and Cantu Di Mare.

It’s no coincidence that Corsica is famous for its idyllic beaches and deserted coves, and our beautiful region is no exception. Even the hardest to please will be amazed by the pristine, turquoise water and white sand beaches of Campomoro, Porto Pollo or Capu Laurosu. Not to mention the crystal clear cove that is just a few minutes’ walk from your villa.
This pretty little crystal clear water cove is located within a just few minutes’ walking distance from the resort.
Campomoro beach

One kilometer of white sand just for you…


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